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Sidewalk Repair Request

Thank you for your interest in improving streets and sidewalks in Raleigh. Please complete the information below. Upon review of your request, a staff member will contact you to discuss your options.


Please describe the type of sidewalk damage. You may also upload a picture to assist staff in determining the nature of the damage.

Type of Damage

By policy, potential trip hazards must be one inch or greater before repairs can be made. Please provide the approximate size of the gap in the sidewalk in the space below.

Please note that all sidewalk that falls in the driveway section are the property owner's responsibility to maintain and replace.

Pictures of the sidewalk damage can assist staff in determining the response needed to for the sidewalk repair. If pictures are available, please upload them in the space below.

Upload Pictures

Please provide your contact information so that staff can reach you if they have questions about your request.

Contact Information