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City of Raleigh


Fire Marshal's Office

Educational Presentation Request /

Station Tour Request

30 Day notice REQUIRED. Submission of request does not confirm availability. First come first serve availability.


An Educational presentation includes informational presentation. It does NOT include a fire truck.

Some of the topics that we discuss are:

General Fire Safety

Workplace Safety

Fire Evacuation

Fire Extinguisher Training * must be requested

The Importance of Smoke Alarms

Type of Request:

Educational Presentation Request


Please complete the information regarding the date, time and location for the educational presentaton.

Presentation Date and Time:

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Station Tour Request

30 Day notice REQUIRED.

Submission of request is not confirmation. First come, first serve availability.

We encourage citizens to visit their local stations. A tour is a general way to let your local station know you are coming to visit. The tour includes at least one firefighter, the opportunity to view fire apparatus and the ability to ask questions. A station tour does not include an educational presentation.

Please be aware that if there is an emergency and the station receives a call to dispatch, the station will be unable to give tours, even if scheduled.

Please note that contacting a station directly does NOT mean the event has been approved.

Please provide information on the tour group, date time and requested fire station and then provide your contact information on the next page.

Please provide a primary date and alternate dates for the requested tour. If you are unsure of the fire station number, please review the list of station locations before making your selection.

Primary Date and Time:

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Alternate Dates & Times

Alternate Date and Time 1:

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Alternate Date and Time 2:

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