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City of Raleigh

Form Section 1

Fire Marshal's Office

Special Event / Indoor Exhibit / Trade Show Permit Application

Events that requirie the use or obstruction of public roads, sidewalks, greenways and certian other public spaces within the Raleigh city limits such as Moore and Nash Square or City Plaza must be coordinated through the Special Events Office.

Prior to applying, please read the Fire Code Information and be prepared to upload any required supplimental forms as part of the application process.

 I. Applicant Information   

Applicant Name

Mailing Address

Event Point of Contact

Billing  information (Responsible Party)

Business Address
Form Section 2

 II. Types of Permits Required - Select all that apply 

City Sponsored Event
Raleigh Convention Center Annual Event
Tents / Membrane Structures

Required attachments for Tents / Membrane Structures (Reference code 2403.2 for approval required.)

  1. Site layout
  2. Flame certificates


Carnival / Fair / Outdoor Event / Street Festival

Required attachments for Carnival / Fair / Outdoor Event / Street Festival​

  1. Site layout
  2. Special Event Permit
  3. Emergency Action Plan (EAP)
Exhibit and Trade Show

Required attachments for Exhibit and Trade Show

  1. Site layout
Liquid or Gas-Fueled Vehicles in Assembly
Bon Fire / Open-Flame Performance
Special Amusement Building

Required attachments for Fireworks/Pyrotechnics

  1. Site layout
  2. Certificate of Liability Insurance (Required to have City of Raleigh, Office of the Fire Marshal, under Additional Insured)
  3. Required to fill out and submit the Fireworks Application

Fireworks, Pyrotechnic, Propane Special Effects require special approval. Please download and complete the Fireworks Application.

Form Section 3

 III. Event Details and Reminders 

Crowd Managers Required if 1000 or more persons congregate
Yes No
All crowd managers have received NC State on-line training
Yes No
Emergency Action Plan needed (>1000) and attched?
Yes No
Are open-flame performances being held before an audience?
Yes No
Fire watch or Standby Fire Engine Required by Fire Official?
Yes No

Please prepare your submission packet as directed by the Fire Marshal, save the files as a compressed document (zip file) and upload the packet.

Submission Packet
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