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Lost & Found Request

GoRaleigh is not responsible for personal items left on buses, at the transit mall, or bus stops. Any lost item that is turned in by a customer or GoRaleigh employee will be sent to Lost & Found. 
All items must be claimed at the GoRaleigh Operations Facility, 4104 Poole Road, Monday – Friday, 8 a.m. - 5 p.m. To ensure lost items are returned to the rightful owners, persons claiming items will be asked to provide a description and/or proof of ownership, in addition to identification. Claimants must sign for the item they are retrieving before it will be released to them. 
Perishable items or any items determined to be dangerous, illegal, or harmful will be disposed of immediately. All other items are held for 14 days. After that, items determined to have a resale value will be donated to a recognized local charity. All items that contain personal identification will be destroyed. Any items determined to be specific to owner (glasses, keys, etc.), or items of no value will be discarded.

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