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City of Raleigh

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Raleigh-Wake Emergency Communications Center

Customer Satisfaction Survey

The Raleigh-Wake Emergency Communications Center is committed to providing the best service possible to our community. If you have called 9-1-1 recently, we would like you to share your experience. The information provided will be invaluable to helping us meet our goal.

Incident Information

Which Agencies responded to the call?

Please rate your level of satisfaction in each of the categories below:

Survey Matrix
Very Satisfied Somewhat Satisfied Neutral Somewhat Dissatisfied Very Dissatisfied
Promptness of your call being answered
Courteousness of the call taker
Professionalism of the call taker
Questions asked to better define your location
Questions asked to better define your problem
Manner in which the call was terminated
Overall satisfaction with the 9-1-1 Center

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