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City of Raleigh

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Office of Emergency Management and Special Events

Neighborhood Block Party Application

This application is for Neighborhood Block Parties only.  A neighborhood block party is a small-scale event that closes a small number of blocks on a local-service, residential street.  These small-scale gatherings, such as neighborhood potlucks or barbeques, are initiated by and are intended to attract only local residents who live on or in close proximity to the street being closed. They are not intended for the general public. 

Please note that you cannot save your progress once you begin. The contact information provided may be shared with citizens who have questions or concerns pertaining to your specific event.

NOTE: We strongly recommend that you contact the Special Events Office at 919-996-2200 prior to submitting an application or application fee to determine whether your event as requested would be feasible. Application fees are non-refundable.

Contact Person
Contact Mailing Address
Event Day Contact

  Event Details  

Event Date
Date Picker

Please explain the block(s) you are requesting to close.

Note: Partial block closures are generally not permitted.

Street Closure
Upload a map of the requested closure (optional)
Is this an annual event?

  Additional Considerations  


Will there be alcoholic beverages on City property during this event?

Food Permitting:

If you will have food for sale at this event please review the Wake County Environmental Services webpage here to determine if you will require a Temporary Food Establishment permit.

Will you have food for sale at this event?

Amplified Sound:

Will this event have amplified music or other loud noise?

Fire Department Permit:

Per North Carolina Fire Code, certain event components may require additional permits from the City of Raleigh Fire Department.


Select any of the following that may apply to your event:

Notification Requirements:

At least 15 days prior to event, you must notify every resident or other establishment located within the area of the road closure or in close enough proximity that they will be inconvenienced by the associated road closures or noise. You must also notify your local HOA or CAC if applicable. You may use any form of communication, such as flyers, postcards, in-person communication, e-mail, etc., but must include at least the following details:

  • Date, timeframe, and description of event
  • Locations and times for road closures and music/other noise
  • Your name, email and phone number

Application Fee:

At the completion of this event application please pay the $50 nonrefundable application fee. Download the Application Fee Payment Form to learn how to make your payment either over the phone, in person, or via mail.

The Special Events Office will not begin the permitting process prior to the receipt of this application fee payment.

NOTE: If paying in person, applicants must present the completed Application Fee Payment Form at the time of payment.

    Application Conditions    

  • I understand that I am required to pay the corresponding non-refundable application fee for this event before the 30-day submission deadline, and that my application will not be reviewed until this payment has been received.


  • I understand that I am responsible for providing proper barricades at my event, as mandated by the Raleigh Police Department for the health and safety of the event attendees. I understand that I am also responsible for any associated equipment rental costs. 


  • I agree to conform to all city, state, and federal laws and regulations. I accept responsibility for the general cleaning and removal of trash, recycling, etc. from the premises. In the event that the site area is not cleaned after use, I understand that I may be billed for additional clean-up by the City of Raleigh. I agree to be accountable for any damage to the event site. I understand that all necessary fees and requirements, outside permits, etc. must be submitted before the issuance of the event permit.


  • I understand that the City does not assume liability for any damages and/or bodily injury arising out of the issuance of an event permit.  
Submittal ID #
You will be provided with a Submittal ID # upon submission.